Discuss - Holding warm vs. cold cup of coffee influence warmth ratings of a target other.


(#1) By Dlynott on Tue 05/27/2014 03:33 am CDT (3 years ago)
Replication of Williams & Bargh (2008) Study 2

We have replicated the second study of Williams and Bargh (2008). Rather than participants handling a warm/cold coffee cup, in Study 2 they handles a warm/cold gel pack, and then made a choice which could be construed as pro-social (gift for a friend) or self-interested (reward for themselves). The paper has been published in a special journal issue of Social Psychology on replications and is open access (download here: http://www.psycontent.com/content/5177r420206p7642/?p=0ecb91fc78c843789f96a7a7c8666dda&pi=11). All materials and data are also downloadable from the Open Science Framework website here (https://osf.io/gjt37/).


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