Failure to replicate McCabe & Castel (2008), Exp2 (#208)

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"Failure to replicate McCabe & Castel (2008), Exp2", Aya Murayama & Asako Miura, , (accessed February 22, 2018)


Failure to replicate McCabe & Castel (2008), Exp2 [Internet]. Aya Murayama & Asako Miura; 2015 Jan 04, 21:17 [cited 2018 Feb 22]. Available from:

Reference to Original Report of Finding McCabe, D. P., & Castel, A. D. (2008). Seeing is believing: The effect of brain images on judgments of scientific reasoning. Cognition, 107(1), 343-352.
Title Failure to replicate McCabe & Castel (2008), Exp2
If the original article contained multiple experiments, which one did you attempt to replicate? e.g., you might respond 'Study 1' or 'Experiment 4'. Experiment 2
Link to PDF of Original Report
Brief Statement of Original Result People who read articles accompanied by brain images agree with its scientific reasoning more than when these articles were accompanied by topographical maps of brain activation.
Type of Replication Attempted Highly Direct Replication
Result Type Failure to Replicate
Difference? No
Number of Subjects 83
Number of Subjects in Original Study 128
Year in which Replication Attempt was Made 2014
Name of Investigators (Real Names Required) Aya Murayama & Asako Miura
Detailed Description of Method/Results We followed the method of the original version, and used the original materials translated into Japanese.

Our results showed no statistical difference between brain image and topographical maps of brain activation on agreement with scientific reasoning.
Any Known Methodological Differences
(between original and present study)?
We conducted the replication in Japanese. Materials were all from the original study, and we translated them into Japanese.
Email of Investigator
Name of individuals who
actually carried out the project
Students from my class ran subjects and I analyzed the data.
Location of ProjectLab10 & 11, Building F, Kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo, Japan
Characteristics of Subjects
(subject pool, paid, etc.)
University students paid for lab study
Where did these subjects reside?Japan
Was this a Class Project?Yes
Further Details of Results as pdf
Additional Comments
Email of Original Investigator
Quantitive Information
I have complied with ethical standards for experimentation on human beings and, if necessary, have obtained appropriate permission from an Institutional Review Board or other oversight group.
TAG: Attention TAG: JDM TAG: Language TAG: Learning TAG: Memory TAG: Perception TAG: Performance TAG: Problem Solving TAG: Social Cognition TAG: Social Psychology TAG: Thinking

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