Private Networking

This tool is for individuals who have failed to replicate a study and would like to be informed if others have had a similar experience involving the same study. Use of this tool does not produce records that are publicly displayed on the website. The software looks to see if multiple people have signed up in relation to a given target study, and when this happens, it emails a list of the email addresses of everyone who has signed up regarding that particular study.

We need a unique identifier for the target article you have failed to replicate, so we can tell when other users are referring to the same article. The standard way of doing this (and the only reliable method) is through the Document Identifier (DOI) Number. Please use very easy-to-use CrossRef tool to retrieve the DOI number. To use the CrossRef tool you simply click on the link below to CrossRef, enter the surname of the first author plus as many words as you know from the title (leave "Enable Multiple Hits" checked). When CrossRef returns responds to your query, scroll down to the very bottom of the results page to see the list of likely candidates. Select the correct one, copy the DOI number, and paste it into the text box below.

CrossRef tool

Enter DOI Number here, e.g., doi:10.1006/jesp.1996.1311 Note that it is OK to enter a hyperlink

*I sought to replicate one or more results reported in this article without success--and wish to be informed about others who have had similar experiences relating to this article.
*I agree to the general terms of service.
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