Killing is judged wrong when intended as a means.

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(#1) By mdhauser on Thu 12/05/2013 01:20 pm CST (4 years ago)
important methodological details ignored

The comparison of W&D to Hauser et al is interesting, but the authors fail to note extremely important methodological differences between the studies:

Methodological issue                                                     W&D                                                    Hauser et al

Sample size                                                                study 1=56; study 2=123                         1 study: 5000

Subject population                                                        college students in Germany                     from 120 countries, wide age range and educational background

Scenarios                                                                   study 1: one variant of trolley                   1 study: 4 trolley problems

                                                                               problem; study 2: 3 variants of

                                                                               trolley problem

Scenario presentation                                                    in class, paper and pencil                         on the web, the Moral Sense Test site


In addition to the above, even the trolley problems were not worded in the same way at all, including W&D's use of a bus as opposed to a trolley, the composition of the victims, and so on.   Given these factors, stating that there were "No" methodological differences is incorrect.