Blog Discussions


2011 blog discussing the importance of null results.
Blog written by Dorothy Bishop, advocating the publication of null results. The author addresses current and future efforts that could be made to mitigate the issues associated with the file drawer problem.

2011 blog discussing the importance of negative results.
Blog written by Keir Liddle, advocating the publication of negative results. The author provides a list of negative results journals.

2009 blog proposal for a journal of null results.
Blog discussion of the various reasons behind the non-publication of null results. The author drafts out his proposal for an online journal of null results.

2008 blog discussing the file drawer effect.
Blog written by Owen Doherty, comparing the file drawer effect to the recollection of memories. The author suggests that there is a bias in both memory recall and publications.

2010 blog addressing the file drawer effect in animal studies.
Blog written by Steve Novella, addressing some of the issues associated with publication bias. Most of the discussion is based on a study looking at animal trials.

2010 blog focused on null findings.
Blog written by Michael D. Anestis, advocating the importance of null findings. The author also addresses situations in which null findings may have little value.

2011 blog supporting the null hypothesis.
Blog written by Brian Dunning, advocating the publication of studies that support the null hypothesis. The author also addresses the issues associated with the file drawer effect.