Journals of Negative Results have not been wildly successful.

One way in which others have addressed the bias against publishing replication attempts is to create new journals devoted to them. Some have come and gone, but still available online are the Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine, Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis, and the Journal of Negative Results. However, with the exception of the Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine which published 16 papers in 2011 and X in 2010, these journals publish infrequently (JASNH) or seem defunct (JNR). We suspect that these journals receive few submissions, and will continue to do so while the reward for publishing negative results continues to be very small.  Writing up experiments for publication takes a lot of time away from other activities that are more rewarded.

With, we have attempted to make it quick and easy for researchers, by requiring they post only a summary of their results. And if the methodology was very similar or identical to a published study, describing the methodology also takes little time. Hopefully this will encourage researchers to make some contributions, despite the lack of career rewards.